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This couple loves to indulge in material possessions. They want to possess and be surrounded by beautiful things — a lovely home, designer clothing, luxurious cars, works of art. They possess a quiet, steadfast determination. Instead of finding this dull or restrictive, Capricorn regards it as a good, comforting thing: Taurus is clearly dedicated to the relationship.

The similarity of their values and their dedication to the same goals. Both partners enjoy luxury and nice things, and they share resources well. Their mutual interests make theirs a highly compatible relationship. What's in your future? Ask a psychic now. Use the social and creative energy of this Three Year to live your happiest life. I fall so hard and so fast for him it shocks me sometimes. We have one been dating going on 3mos.

He is strong headed and i am bull headed. We have not had a real spat yet, but i think we admire each other so much tbat if there is disagreement i think we can get through it: by the way he is 27 and i am 41…. I am a taurus woman. I think it is very interesting to read the scorpios point of view those who have written in here.. I think scorpios are often misunderstood for being secretive and manipulative in a way that is less positive. I think that they are just protecting themselves by not being see through..

Over time I am surprised of how well most people who are born in the sign of scorpio, understands me, I mean better than anyone. The more I learn about them, the more I like them. Most of them are very loving and loyal. I also like the fact that they keep things like sex private, because that it is the way it should be, in my opinion. I am open to the thought of dating all zodiac signs, and I do belive at love at first sight..

But honestly I would prefer to date a loving scorpio man. I belive it is the only zodiac sign that is strong enough not to leave me and desert me at some point. Because once they love you they never leave you, no matter how crazy you are or how many times you screw up. Spot on. My Scorpio guy and I are very much heaven and hell. I love him so deeply and sincerely, but I hate how he questions my loyalty and sometimes even takes it as a weakness. Am libra-scorp moon male…. I am a scorpio and my husband is a Taurus. We have been together for 11 years, and married for the last 3 years.

It was love at first sight with him. We met at work, and we instantly knew that we had met someone special; the attraction was intense and undeniable. Just like the post describes, we fought very hard to keep our relationship afloat over the years. After many discussions and compromising, we have built an amazing marriage! We both made the decision to put our passion and energy into uplifting, supporting and loving each other, instead of being stubborn, dominating and aggressive towards proving each other wrong and battling over power in our relationship.

It definitely took lots of work, but it absolutely paid off! I would encourage other couples to challenge themselves to put in the work and dedication to change yourself, so that you can be a better companion for your partner. Married for a year…. Going through a tuff phase….. He recently went through a divorce after 17 yrs of marriage and Im going through a divorce too. He confided in me a lot during his divorce…and somehow I ended up opening up to him and telling him things i had never told anyone else and ended up falling madly inlove with him. I sense he feels the same way but we are both too afraid to say it.

We both have the personal freedom to become lovers but neither wants to jeopardize our jobs. I recently told him how I felt.. He agreed and it lasted for a few weeks, but yesterday he about burstcat the seams, as if almost to see if i would have a jealous reaction. I feel a very strong sexual attraction to him and FROM him. I am not one to be attracted to any and every nice looking man I see but he does something to me no man has ever done to me…ever!

I absolutely adore this man, flaws and all, and I dream of spending time alone with him, away from work. Taurus is headstrong not stubborn. Yes, they can resist change, but not because they are rigid, but because they tend to develop deep emotional ties with the routine. Taurus, in one line, can be summed up as a creature of habit. If you go to movie or dinner, continuously for Sundays, for few weeks, he would consider that as a ritual and it would become part of his routine. For rest of your life, he would be ever willing to take you out. Yes, Taurus has that unique ability in them that I did not find in any other zodiac.

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You can mould them by habit, bit by bit. I am a Scorpio Woman, I used my seductive and charming powers over him to nudge him to do that. But you gotta hold his hands through any change initially for they are unsure, uncertain and jittery through change initially unlike their original nature. But once he gets comfortable in that change, sit back and enjoy, welcome to Taurean way of things. Be ready to be surprised. You yourself would now witness the change in a new light or perspective that you hardly ever had.

Also do not try to make Taurus jealous or the sort we, Scorpio, do to test the interest of our mate. Taurus does not like his interest flirting with other men. Yes it does make them jealous but in the wrong way. Instead of pursuing you, they might withdraw. So take care. Of all the Zodiac signs, only cool-headed Taurus that he is, can handle, support and stand by a Scorpio woman through all her difficulty all Scorpio women out there know how we behave in our emotional life crisis.

It is this enormous mental stability and inner power that enables him to handle all that Scorpio throws out in anger. No other zodiac, be it what some astrology websites say best love matches for Scorpio being Pisces and Cancer, can support or even handle Scorpio at its worst, Pisces and Cancer might run away or just stand there and let things take their own toll. Only the Taurus could handle and take things head-on. This man delivers when times are bad. But only when he is at calm and peace internally. Taurus, when hurt emotionally, like when I spewed some venom stung him at one time. He withdrew completely, became self-destructive, like without purpose or goal.

Only when I apologized profusely and turned the heat on in bed amazing sex! Taurus, unlike some silly astrology websites claim of his raging anger, does not get angry easily. It takes a lot to get this man, angry!

When others are blowing their trumpets when they are angry, he simply recluses himself into silence. Only when someone persists in their wrongdoings, does he face the quintessential Taurean wrath. I am very very happily married to a Taurus for more than 7 years. Only a Taurus can satisfy a Scorpio woman in sex, no Pisces or Cancer can do that, not even remotely close. Even after 7 years, it stills feels pretty fresh with him. The magnetism is breath taking. My vote for my love, Taurus. Taurus Man and Scorpio Woman early in life can misunderstand each other.

You are blessed if he has already expressed his love to you. Taurus, traditionally, takes a long time to confess their emotions not because they are unsure but they fear rejection. What Taurus Man usually fears the most in life, is what if they propose and their love rejects them. This fear basically holds them long, even in ranging in years, mine took more than one complete year, but once they are committed they never waver.

But in Scorpion presence, all their traditionality, goes for a six. Talk about our magnetism at work. You are still young.

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Plan long trips and adventures with him. In nature, this bond gets deeply solidified. Also never ever flirt with other men when you are in relationship with a Taurus.

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Though he would not break up with you for such a small instance, but his unconditional love would start withering away into disenchantment. The Taurus will be by your side but may lose the one you fell for. You have to really talk him up, discuss how you view loyalty, trust in relationships and get him to talk about his views on it. Its like we keep each other intellectually stimulating. But take care not to get too critical, he would definitely show signs that arguments are getting over the top.

What I have seen is that even if Taurus is right I learnt it long after the argument , he would willingly lose to his love to make her happy even if he knew she was wrong talk about unconditional love! Also never argue with Taurus in public, it might hit the relationship permanently. Also Taurus are quite sacrificing, whatever decision they take is for the financial betterment of their couple. Scorpios do not have such financial acumen. Better let Taurus handle the finances. He was so manipulative he was controlling demanding he was mean. Very Very jealous and possessive.

So much is true in this article, particularly the last paragraph:. I am a Taurus woman! I have been with my scorpio love for a short time but we have gone through all these phases very quickly. The overly possessive moments which i hated so much i felt i couldnt Go anywhere or speak to anyone. Over time its a trait i learned to adore being possessed is something i actually always wanted,knowing i am his sun and moon makes me grin. The sneaky manipulative ways which were just to see how jealous i would get and How id react to it.

Our passion overrides all of the b. Our sex life is oneness,through our passion we gained deeper Connection And we are truly soulmates. He makes me feel like the sexiest most desired thing in this world!! At first glance i was ready to run but the bull in me never backed down, just as a woman id do things calmly. I say the best way is to let him feel like the king and this is a relationship that can last a lifetime.

Hard work and headache as a earth sign in dont budge but i left is flows of emotion hit me like the wave of sexiness he is. I love my scorpion King!!! People think we are jealous and possessive cuz we like to be a control freak. We just want to be your everything, and you ours. It is a beautiful thing!!! I just wish everyone would understand us for who we really are. Glad you and your man are happy!!! I just met a scorpion. From your predictions as eerily accurate as they are and the above comments—-We are doomed! I just spent a weekend with him and can already see the warning signs in regards to me booking it now before its to late!

What a drag because we had an intense weekend yes sexually …oh well, I had better move on now—better late than than later! Everything about this article is totally accurate and correct. I am Taurus and my ex girlfriend is Scorpio.

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We have the same likes and dislike yet we fights alot. We still have sex and misses each other. Thats the best relationship i have ever had. Is it really that terrible for a Taurus and a Scorpio to be together? Since ive only really been in three. One was a Scorpio man …. Even with the Libra and sagitarious man ive been with. They can do whatever they would please as long as they are happy and that would make me happy.

Especially in sex, where I have absolutly zero skills or any knowldge in the sheets…. I mean I know its normal to be nervous when its your first time, but come on two failed atemps? Am I a very sensitive person OH no dought yes I am! But that has nothing to do with my sign.

Can i be dramatic YUP! Someone omce told me i was controling, although I did exactly what they wanted to do. Though when I would refuse. As im sure anyone would refuse when their boufriend or girlfriend tries to make you act like you are broken up so they can screw and date other women iin front of you making you lie. Your actions tell me so other wise. Now i find myself scared to trust in love.. Yet I really deeply like this Man who is also a Taurus and i think it could be so much more … we are both drawn to each other like magnets no matter how hard we pull away from each other.

Its not like i dont mean to not trust though people clam a Scorpio is so untrustworthy. YES its not good to lie. Not even that even to just part from him. I love him… ; Ive came close to this feeling but its not the same then it is with him. I feel like our souls have been tied together for decades… yes that sounds really weird I know. However, reading all this negativity ….. Were they not fated to be with you, that made you learn things about them and yourself? But i feel as though yes that he is my soulmate.. There may be many soulmates people have…. Yes you can be well a brat, but everyone is at times.

But thats all the fun about getting to know someone.

I could be in the worst mood, and you give me space. Though always letting me know, that you are there fo me and I snap at you, yet again you smile and take it. We faught so much… and I end up feeling terrible afterwords. But you never left myside. How did i get so lucky..

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Where we first met, though lets be honest. And t to finally come clean, when I saw you I felt so drawn to you. You were being so cute being so nervous in such a crowd. I'm curious how it would be with him but loosing him…. I don't know man….. I'm not sure my heart could handle it. Plain and simple Scorpio will always struggle. Controlling their emotions, controlling their partners, controlling their…you name it.

It seems as though these definitions are only crafted to keep the Scorpio from feeling miserable about their inability to just relax and open up to others. The whole sexual prowess, most attractive, mysterious, stubborn, strong will-power hoo-hah, appears to be a huge cape for coverage of a personality that just cant seem to balance things in life. Give me a Taurus any minute of the day. THAT is a stubborness I can get behind.

Taurus and Capricorn Love Compatibility

A sensuality that is truthful and honest. Makes sense that Scorpios tend to try to pair with Taurus. Taurus Woman Compatibility With Virgo Man:- The only problem with these two earth signs is his need for perfection and her stubbornness. Otherwise this match has excellent astrology compatibility as long as they can learn to resolve those arguments.

They may have a slow start in the bedroom because the Virgo male can be shy and reserved. Taurus will find herself initiating and this is outside of her comfort zone. But once they get more comfortable with one another they will see that they both just want to please one another. They both enjoy the finer things in life and the comforts of home. They will enjoy great conversations together and soon move into the bed. The Libra man loves to please and Taurus female will reciprocate. Also both the sun signs are slow to make decisions to it will be difficult at times so they have to work together.

If only they could find a way to relate as well in other areas. If the Scorpio man could find a way to open up and communicate more with his Taurus woman, this would help. They are both strong-willed so they will have to learn the art of compromise if they are to survive. But when he is home with her he is very attentive which she appreciates, especially in the bedroom! He also has a tendency to rush into things whereas Taurus takes things slow.

She will have to learn to try new things to keep her man interested. This is true between the sheets as well. If the horoscope compatibility in this relationship can find a balance and trust is achieved, things can work out. Both are successful and hard working. They will make a nice home together. Taurus will sometimes want more emotion from her Capricorn partner as he can come off as cold and detached.

taurus december 27 compatibility Taurus december 27 compatibility
taurus december 27 compatibility Taurus december 27 compatibility
taurus december 27 compatibility Taurus december 27 compatibility
taurus december 27 compatibility Taurus december 27 compatibility
taurus december 27 compatibility Taurus december 27 compatibility
taurus december 27 compatibility Taurus december 27 compatibility
taurus december 27 compatibility Taurus december 27 compatibility
taurus december 27 compatibility Taurus december 27 compatibility

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