Moon in gemini compatibility

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When the Moon and the planet Saturn are in an easy aspect, the Saturn person is supportive of the Moon person, who finds the Saturn person a reliable and steady partner. However, even with easy aspects, the couple will have their ups and downs, while with the more difficult aspects there could be a feeling of being trapped. In either case, the connection runs deep and it's not a frivolous relationship. When the Moon and the planet Uranus are connected, there's electric chemistry that's exciting and fascinating, but there will be an erratic quality to the relationship. If the aspect is easy, the couple will delight that their relationship doesn't fall into a rut and enjoy doing things a little differently.

With the more difficult aspects, the relationship can be emotionally unsettling to the Moon person and too conservative and domestic for the Uranus person. The Moon in aspect to the planet Neptune can be magic or befuddling.

Pisces Sun Gemini Moon – Personality, Compatibility

When there are easy aspects between the Moon and Neptune you are gentle and caring with one another. You can even anticipate each other's moods and responses.

  • Pisces Sun Gemini Moon – Personality, Compatibility!
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When the aspect is difficult, there will be misunderstandings, avoidance or neglectful behaviors as well as a tendency to be dishonest with one another. Regardless of the aspect, a couple with the Moon and the planet Pluto connected have a strong emotional attachment to one another and are likely to have a very passionate relationship. With the easy aspects, they will easily share many secrets and intimate details about their lives.

With the more difficult aspects, the emotional tension can be so intense, fear of loss can be generated, which in turn can give rise to jealousy, control or possessiveness. This is just a very basic and small sampling of what Moon sign compatibility looks like. A professional astrologer compares the Suns, Moons, Ascendants , and the other planets as well as all the aspects and house placements in both birth charts. However, there's no such thing as perfect astrological compatibility , so, even if there's no interaction between the Moon and other planets in a couple's astrological synastry it's not the kiss of death to the relationship.

Look up your Moon sign below to see which signs' energy is most compatible with yours! Not sure where your Moon sign is? For you, it's all about "cut to the chase. According to Moon Astrology, you are your closest match! Yes, a fellow Aries would suit you well, as the two of you could find romance while playfully competing with one another. Bold and strong-minded Fire sign Leo also makes a match, while more sensitive Moon signs Cancer or Scorpio, do not.

Taurus is known for its stubborn nature, making it difficult to cut through your strong-will If you can find another Taurus who shares in your indulgences, that would be great and fun, too! Those with precise Virgo and Capricorn Moons would be a match -- but a Libra Moon would find it most difficult to carry on its diplomacy through your more bullish tendencies.

Chatty Gemini Moons are always moving from place to place, love interest to love interest!

Aquarius Sun Gemini Moon – Personality, Compatibility

Your ruling planet -- communicative Mercury -- would find much fulfillment in Air signs Aquarius or Libra, feeding into your desire to talk up a storm about high-minded topics at almost any given moment. The more serious Capricorn or Scorpio Moon signs may pose a challenge, and while dating a Pisces could be nice, both your flirty and flighty similarities may equal just a fling. The Moon rules over Cancer, making you one of if not the most emotionally-charged signs.

Finding the balance between Ego and emotional self is the greatest achievement of a personality and it is not an easy task. The Moon is needed to soften our pure ratio , while our reason is needed to control our emotional response. Our Moon sign represents our manner of emotionally dealing with various situations and people in life. It affects our impressions and makes us more or less sensitive, compassionate, empathic and all else. Good aspects make our Moon a guiding inner voice. Bad aspects accentuate Moons changeable nature and make us too vulnerable and fragile, irritable, insecure, but also moody, dramatic and pessimistic.

Our Moon sign defines our emotional self. The house the Moon matches in a natal chart is a sphere of life that brings us the greatest emotional turbulence, but at the same time, the greatest comfort.

Gemini is a lively, wandering sign. This sign is ruled by mercury and it is associated with youth and communication. These people need to share their experiences with others and they have a whole load of those.

Gemini Moon Sign

They are youthful, enthusiastic and adventurous. They are curious about the world and the people. They are versatile and extremely flexible and always on the run. Their emotions towards other people are rarely deep, because not many people or phenomena could keep their attention for long.


It is not necessarily a bad thing, because it saves Gemini from disappointment and makes them less vulnerable. They do not think badly about anyone, they are curious about new people and experiences. They are very open and direct in communication. They enjoy the state of amorousness the most, rather than love. They feel uneasy if staying in one place for too long. They are extremely outgoing and extroverted. They are peter Pans of the Zodiac. They could either energize or drain other people with their unceasing enthusiasm.

They make others laugh and easily relax the tension in any situation. They enjoy talking to different people, love to travel, to share their experiences and to make friends. They are not as shallow as Gemini could be, but they have empathy and genuine understanding for people they meet.

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These individuals are very youthful and playful. They are very creative, versatile, restless and curious. Libra Sun Gemini Moon are witty and intelligent people who sometimes use their incredible diplomatic skills to their advantage by tricking others. They simply cannot resist it.

They love talking. They talk about all sorts of themes and know no taboos. They are honest and straightforward, but they still measure their words.

Moon in Gemini: Characteristics and Traits

They do not take things to their heart and are capable of empathizing with others without wasting their own energy. That said, they are humanitarian and eager to help.

moon in gemini compatibility Moon in gemini compatibility
moon in gemini compatibility Moon in gemini compatibility
moon in gemini compatibility Moon in gemini compatibility
moon in gemini compatibility Moon in gemini compatibility
moon in gemini compatibility Moon in gemini compatibility

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