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Monthly Horoscopes Jun 17, Monthly Horoscopes Jun 7, Relationships May 24, Don't shoot the messenger! Unless you're a Sagittarius. Entertainment May 21, Monthly Horoscopes May 20, Relationships May 17, Sex May 16, The planet of love in the most sensual sign? You do the very sexy maths here. Your personality lights up a room today and it's because you know how to encourage others to tap into their inner courage. You may find this skill set useful for you today. Think through what you say and be sure that you aren't assuming others understand you because you know how hard you tried to communicate a certain message.


Ask questions. Check in to make sure that everyone is on the same page to avoid any hurt feelings in the future. Money is not the root of all evil. It's the attitude that people have towards acquiring wealth that causes problems. Remember to remain humble and to give thanks never forgetting how hard you work or where you, and your good fortune, came from. When the Sun enters your sign things start to manifest and reveal the intentions you ought to set for your solar return. Ask for the universe to share with you what you are ready to experience right now.

Things are wide open for redefining in your life, from the way that you look to your job.

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Complications are part of life. You may not appreciate the adrenaline rush or how drama that's out of control makes you feel but it can help you to be more focused and determined than ever. With the Chariot card, you are prepared to tackle any loose ends from the past and break free from any emotional snags that still catch you off guard when you least expect it. When you're around the right company you can experience amazing chemistry.

If you haven't found your tribe, you are going to soon. There is a creative vibe around you.

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Why not add a little sparkle to a room or go visit a craft store with your friends. If you have a DIY project that needs to get done, maybe this weekend you can get your friends to help out and get it finished before the New Moon.

CAPRICORN (Jan 2019 - Jan 2020) - Obstacles removed, DREAMS MANIFESTED - Intuitive Tarot Reading

In doing so, you will be able to receive and acknowledge your psychic senses. In this workshop, we will open your subconscious mind and spiritual senses so that the conscious mind can relate and keep the intuitive messages you will receive. In working with the physical aura, we will distinguish the different dimensions and areas of the aura field.

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This will allow you to see what is coming into the future and what is currently attacking or strengthening the aura and aura fields in your aura and in others. You will be lead on a guided meditation to release negativity and to prepare yourself to open and begin your psychic-intuitive development. With a totem-walk, you will be able to know and listen to who your guides are, where you are spiritually, and what you want so that you can use your sixth sense and spirit animals for guidance and clarity on your spiritual path.

During the Psychic Circle, Jethro will deliver psychic messages to all in attendance within a light-protected circle. Messages are relayed to you from your spirit guides, totems, ancestors, etc. With the information and abilities that were obtained during this retreat and the spirit guides and angel messages received during this circle, you will have the everyday tools to continue your spiritual growth. Jethro will answer all of your psychic and spiritual questions and will ensure that all participants have names and connections with their spirit guides.

Each attendee will be given a private minute psychic reading within months after the retreat has been completed.


Tarot Certification Workshop Series | New England Curiosities

Payment plans and commuter rates available upon request. Part Native American Indian, Jethro was born with psychic abilities which dramatically heightened after a near death experience. His extraordinary gift as a psychic medium became public at the age of eight and he began foreseeing the future. He is open in all modalities and can see, hear, and feel the metaphysical world. He is able to naturally see a person's aura and chakras.

Jethro is certified as a tarot reader and psychic reader and is a certified reiki master. Jethro's gift enables him to relay messages from the angelic realm and to communicate with your ancestors and loved ones on the other side. His clients include people from all walks of life such as actors, politicians, detectives, security agents, and any individual seeking guidance and clarity.

Jethro E.

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Smith is an ordained reverend, certified reiki master, and certified psychic and tarot reader. Add to Calendar. View Map View Map.

january 19 2020 tarot reading January 19 2020 tarot reading
january 19 2020 tarot reading January 19 2020 tarot reading
january 19 2020 tarot reading January 19 2020 tarot reading
january 19 2020 tarot reading January 19 2020 tarot reading
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