December 18 baby horoscope

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What to Watch Out For: Little harmony-loving Libras, born under the influence of the love and beauty planet Venus, want to avoid confrontation at all costs, even at the expense of addressing tough emotions. Top Traits: Fixed water sign Scorpio is secretive, magnetic, and capable of feeling deeply. What to Watch Out For: Little Scorpios, ruled by gung-ho Mars and transformative Pluto, are very private—and very protective of their privacy and deepest emotions.

Top Traits: Mutable fire sign Sagittarius is entertaining, outspoken, and born to be a globetrotter. They'll do well to learn the art of diplomacy.

Top Traits: The cardinal earth sign is practical, driven to succeed, and disciplined. Being given permission to take time-outs for fun serves them well. Top Traits: Fixed water sign Aquarius is independent, makes friends easily, loves learning, and has a quirky, offbeat sense of humor. They often take on the weight of other people's emotions.

December 18 Zodiac Sign

They will do well to learn coping skills like mindfulness or meditation early on. By Maressa Brown. Pin FB ellipsis More. Image zoom. You may also join the police or paramilitary forces. You have a love for fire arms, bombs and machine guns. You are a person who likes to obey rules and expects the same from your subordinates. You have a sharp intellect and remain very cool in crisis. When dealing with your enemies you plan very meticulously after weighing all pros and cons. You are very good in making secret plans against your enemies.

If you are a politician, you will develop into a clever one. You act as a very good ambassador. Try to guard against betraying your emotions and falling into quarrels. If that happens, you will lose your precious energy in useless fights. Numerology for nine makes you an expert chemist.

December 18, 1958 Birthday Facts

You can be a good inventor. Your unlucky number is a two and your unlucky days are on the 2 nd , 11 th , 20 th , and the 29 th. Your lucky gem is coral. Other lucky gems are blood stone, red colored opal, and red tinged garnet. The first part of December is ruled by Jupiter 1 st st.

People born in December are ruled by Jupiter and the sign of Sagittarius. They are born philosophers and teachers. The best professions for these people are in the fields of aeronautics, law, information technology, communications, radio, linguistics or religion. These people are passionate about travelling and this will take them to far away lands where they can learn lots of new things, then return and teach them to others.

They are very organized and serious. These people love sports, but also animals. Being a child of Jupiter it means you are prone to adventure. In your life everything seems to happen in an extraordinary manner. You are anxious for new opportunities all the time. You dream of the impossible and never accept your limits.

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  8. Everything extraordinary and unusual comes from children of Jupiter: amazing art, outstanding discoveries, out of this world achievements etc. Children of Jupiter are lucky. People born in December must focus on education in order to achieve their goals.

    Horoscopes: Dec. 18, – The Mercury News

    During youth, they are very concerned with making money, and therefore the most important thing for them is to learn to balance giving and receiving. December is the month of Sagittarius and Capricorn. If you are born in the first half of the month, you are governed by Sagittarius, hence by Jupiter. Natives of Sagittarius are friendly, passionate, tolerant, and love freedom and adventure. They can be extravagant and rude. A Sagittarius is guided by ideals, until he decides to retire in a secure social position.

    The native is kind, open, and optimistic. It may be, however, also extremely arrogant. His success is due both to intuition, as well as the availability of action and mobility. He is steadfast in his fundamental principles, which are truth and justice.


    Sagittarius is an honest fighter who loves sports and nature, generous towards oneself and towards others. A bad aspected sun indicates divergent feelings and an exaggerated self-conceit easy to damage, traits that lead to being moody, to exaggeration or self-deception. Sagittarius is inclined towards whim, waste, bluster and speculation. December is classified as a winter month, which has eight letters. To be born in December, the twelfth and last month from the numerology perspective it means that your gemstone are the blue topaz and the turquoise.

    Your flowers are the narcissus, orchid and poinsettia. Your main qualities are courage, calmness, certainty, and success. Skip to main content. Dream Dictionary A-Z Explore. Superstitions Dictionary Popular superstitions uncovered. Dream Dictionary Over 5, dreams analysed. Tea Leaf Dictionary Learn how to read the symbols in your tea cup. Boys Name Dictionary Detailed overview of your name and what it means.

    Daily horoscope for Tuesday December 18 — here’s what the stars have in store for you today

    Girls Name Dictionary Detailed overview of your name and what it means. Saints Dictionary Learn how saints can help you. Flower Dictionary A-Z guide of flower meanings. Occult Dictionary Understand occult terms. Herb Dictionary Learn about what herbs mean. Who know's what is in store for you! Check out your birth date meaning. Summary of your characteristics Strengths: Capable Expansive Perseverent Weakenesses: Preoccupied Frustrated Stubborn Individuals born on December 18 th are people who get involved for unlimited period.

    Space and silence are very favorable. Quit being active when it is not required.

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    December 18 baby horoscope

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