Capricorn weekly astrology forecast 8 december 2019 michele knight

The week ahead for capricorn

Desire is about to take you in a radical new direction if you will allow it. So follow where it leads you. You have a deep need for recognition, to be seen and noticed and to creatively express yourself. The month — and indeed the New Year, is calling to you and telling you not to be your old self. To be someone new — the person you want to be for the coming year. Above all, initiate something. If you have the Number 1 cycle for the month then you need to start something new.

Set yourself a goal that while it is attainable, stretches you and pushes you out of your comfort zone a little but which you can achieve in a reasonable time frame. Apply for that job, begin that creative project, start that business or course and launch yourself out into the world if love or success is what you are seeking. This is a wonderful cycle for romance and to make anything — and this includes babies if that is your dream now. Number 1 says Begin it Now. This period sees you more psychic and more sensitive than usual. This cycle is about trusting yourself more and not dwelling on past mistakes.

When we enter a 2 month, it tells us that our lives are flowing in a brand new direction. It wants us to have confidence in ourselves because we need to be ready to respond to the positive flow of change entering our lives. New people will enter your life so accept any invitations that come your way as new friendships can be made.

Look at where you are living? Are you happy with your home or lifestyle? If you are, then commit to it and do whatever you can to enhance it.

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If not, do something about it. Above all, be honest with yourself about what you need in terms of security and lifestyle. As we enter you are going to be offered a fresh start on some level.

The question is: are you ready to accept it? Want to see how lucky, lucky can be? Take a chance — on yourself, on life and what is on offer now. Make that effort and reach for those goals as the 3 cycle promises one can be realised now. Time to be outgoing, optimistic and put your faith in your ability to create your future. What do you believe about yourself? But ensure you take some time out to tune in to your inner beliefs. That personal philosophy is what got you this far.

How does your outer world reflect these beliefs? Is it time to expand these in order to expand your horizons? Any opportunities that appear this month are all based on your thinking. This cycle wants to bring you rewards. Because you have a busy month ahead, ensure you are supporting your body with the right nutrition. If you feel drained or tired during this cycle, you may need help.

Good times are happening all around you. These may be celebrations to do with attaining that goal or you being invited to enjoy the good things of life. If so, please do not over-indulge unless you want to discover there is more than one kind of hangover! This month is about to send you off in the direction of success.

Just be aware that some people around you may not like this bold, brave, fearless new you. If so, be gentle with those who are just not as ready as you are to explore just what lucky means.

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If you are entering a 4 cycle you are about to be set free on some level. The unexpected can and will feature as this cycle has a direction and energy all of its own. It has to be experienced rather than explained and you will see what I mean as the month unfolds.