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Can the Nine of Swords be a gift? Welcome to September, Wild Souls! Change is afoot, and with it comes the opportunity for review and reflection: what is working in our lives? Facing these things head on is what September is all about. The theme for the month is restructuring. This is not necessarily about tossing things out, but about finding new ways to work with what is present.

Restructuring requires courage and creativity. By restructuring, we align with the intention to cultivate grater ease, beauty, and joy in our lives. Hungry Ghosts and Getting Started. Tending the Wounded Heart with Three of Swords. In this lesson, we dive into how we can look to this card as an ally to help us shift the cycles of reactivity in our lives, reconnecting us with the root of our pain during difficult and contractive moments.

To support you in your work and evolution with Three of Swords, we have a special bonus exercise for you to work with! Is it Intuition or Brain Chemistry? Welcome to August, Wild Souls! It is the two month anniversary of the podcast, and we are officially back from break with a new episode lineup, and lots of exciting announcements Email Challenge, Brand new Tarot course, and more! The theme of August is Transformation. It is a profoundly powerful cycle, one that has the capacity to totally change our lives.

Now we get to come back to the world and shift from an internal knowing to an external reality.

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We cannot have an external shift before the internal work has been done. It has been a frustrating cycle for many of us, because the external and internal have not matched for so long. August is where that will begin to change. The transformation in August is powerful. It is a lasting change, one that will likely move very quickly.

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It is wise to be gentle with yourself, prioritize nourishment and pleasure, and trust your knowing. To say that July is a transformative month is an understatement. July is a portal, one that contains energetic opportunities and invitations that will initiate massive paradigm shifts, collectively and individually.

Alexandra's Cancer Tarot Sneak Peek for 2016 ;)

We will be feeling the effects of this month for generations to come, so it is one to be very present for. We are recalibrating to the highest extent, supported by the Eclipses and a very powerful Mercury Retrograde in Leo, rooting down in order to rise up. Most of us are walking around with no connection to our roots. Some of us draw root power from attaching to the roots of other things, and other folks. July is offering us the opportunity of a lifetime: to reclaim our inner space, our true root connection, in order to expand like we never have before.

To do this, we have to look at the way we support ourselves, our relationship with balance and equilibrium, and our connection with our deeper purpose. This work is crucial, not only to our continued evolution, but to the survival of the planet, and all its living beings.

June is a gateway month, presenting us with radical opportunities to receive, inviting us to trust in the space, alignment and sweetness that will present themselves to us. What is our relationship to space? We are cultivating greater comfort with ease and grace, allowing our nervous system to get used to that alternate rhythm of life.

Although our cards and medicine for the month are very sweet, June might feel contractive to some of us. This is appropriate, since we are most certainly building new paradigms with this work. Our stories about what is valuable or superfluous might get shaken up. This is an energetic invitation that will be with us through the summer, that is most definitely ramping up now. We are clearing out the heaviness, and calling in all that fills our cup, embracing radical spaciousness.

And on the topic of radical spaciousness, Tarot for the Wild Soul will be going on summer break! We will be back with Season Two of the podcast on September 1st! She has been studying and reading Tarot for over 20 years. Embodying Eight of Pentacles with Jessica Goldfond. Jessica is a visual director and the founder of The Shiny Squirrel, which specializes in PR, social media, sales, and brand development.

March Love readings with Kay Pisces

She is also the founder of Rainbow Unicorn Birthday Surprise, and has an amazing interview series and an upcoming podcast called The Rabbit Hole. She works with clients, designers and brands from all over the world. Eight of Pentacles is a card of hard work and tenacity. We move from apprentice to master in this card, gaining skills, experience and wisdom to pass on to others.

The episode where I answer your questions about Tarot, magic and everything in between. May is a powerful and complex month. We are both growing and pausing, moving and surrendering, clearing and receiving. It is a cycle full of new beginnings, big completions, activations, and spiritual homecomings, as we journey further into reclaiming our bodies and stepping into deeper alignment in our relationship with this planet we call home.

We are invoking a new world with every decision we make, every action we take, and with our willingness to be with what is — the discomfort and the joy, all wrapped up in one. We are going to be served with some profound invitations to change and grow this month, opening doors to new opportunities along the way. Taurus and The Hierophant: Becoming our own wise teacher.

Welcome to Taurus season, Wild Souls! Happy Pink Moon in Libra! In this episode, we look at how to reclaim The Hierophant for ourselves in a deep and sovereign way, stepping into a balanced space of inner wisdom and self examination. Queen of Pentacles is the caretaker. They are the caretaker of the parent, of the caretaker themselves. They hold space for us, and ask us to ground more deeply into this body, this vessel. Queen of Pentacles calls us back to the land, and invites us to allow our relationship with nature to unfold and expand our relationship to ourselves.

It gently guides us to nourish, nurture, hold, care, and listen. Through doing so, it transforms our connection to support and healing. April is a powerhouse of a month, bringing with it the opportunity for huge energetic upgrades, and enormous transformation. This month, we are being invited to surrender to some big releases, allowing old patterns to be shed, and room to be made for the new.

We are also going to be called to open our arms to receiving, welcoming in bright opportunities, and space in our lives for growth. We will be called to check in about how we are relating to this work: Are we clinging onto things, unable to let go, because we are afraid? If so, why? What are our beliefs about releasing? Are we comfortable with receiving? We will be drawn into the heart of these inquiries again and again this month, as we expand our lives in amazing directions, flowing in the infinity loop of releasing what no longer serves, and receiving what nourishes our soul.

Welcome to Aries season, Wild Souls! Happy Astro New Year! We have a juicy soul sermon for you today, all about the medicine of The Emperor ruled by Aries , the gifts of The Tower ruled by Mars , and the big invitations of Aries season. In this episode, we unpack the gifts of this next cycle, exploring how we can step more fully into the power and sovereignty of our being, reclaiming the way we show up in the world.

Embodying Queen of Wands with Jack Ferver. Queen of Wands is the witch of the deck. Ruled by fire and water, this being is the embodiment of alchemy, creating magic, ceremony, ritual and channeled medicine wherever they walk. When we embody Queen of Wands, life becomes ceremony, and we allow ourselves to be a living vessel for Divine to come through us, regardless of what medium or method we are practicing with.

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As the creator of such fierce and intense channeled works, Jack is truly a witch before all else, desiring for their work, writing, and theatrical pieces to be of highest service. This is the month of newborn energy, the miraculous emergence of life, a time in which a whole new world can be borne within us. We complete our journey in Pisces, and transition into Aries season in the month of March, carried on the wings of the Equinox — the first day of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, and of Fall in the Southern Hemisphere.

Life is birthing anew as the spark of creation illuminates from within us. March is a month for inward looking and profound emotional depths, and also delicious expansion. It is death and life, ending one cycle and beginning another. March is a month that invites us to Tend the Flame, to expand without exhaustion, to explore without burnout, to create without fear, to keep the flame lit within us, even as we travel deeply into the waters of our being.

It is a powerful month of creation, joy, and new beginnings, and will ask us to clear everything that no longer serves, including anxiety, overwhelm, and old patterning. On a brand new Tarot for the Wild Soul, we are dropping in hard with all things boundaries: honoring them, respecting them, upholding them, and the importance of them. We are also exploring the patron saints of strong, healthy boundaries in the Tarot Two of Swords and Queen of Swords , and how we can begin to embrace their medicine more fully.

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In this episode, we explore the art of physical, energetic and emotional boundaries, how we can make them and ourselves unfuckwithable, and how Two of Swords and Queen of Swords can be allies for that vital and important work. Embodying The Tower with Mari Andrew. The medicine that she shares around this and her whole journey is truly potent, vulnerable, and beautiful — a must listen for anyone who wants to understand not only The Tower, but the life that can blossom on the other side of painful and difficult experiences.

To learn more about this magical 8-week Tarot journey: www. Happy Imbolc, Wild Souls! The more we permission ourselves to embody our soul yes and no, the more our lives will begin to shift and change for the better, and the more things will begin to feel more aligned.

February is a bridge month, one that invites us to get clear on how we can begin to shift the way we permission ourselves, connecting more deeply with our intuitive knowing. Intuitive Channeling with the Tarot. Welcome to another episode of Tarot for the Wild Soul! Today on the podcast, Lindsay dives into how intuition and the Tarot intersect with each other, and how we can begin to cultivate a channeling practice with our decks. Embodying the Three of Cups with Staci Ivori. Three of Cups is an experience of communal joy and celebration.

It takes a lot of trust and communication to come to a truly open experience of Three of Cups, which Staci and I dive into thoroughly. In our conversation, we discuss what group work is, and how it can improve our lives, the medicine of covens, and what it means to have safe, sacred community. As is the Queen of Wands, Staci is an embodied witch; she lives her life in alignment with this level of depth, passion, power, and ability to connect with the deep waters, as well as the deep fires. Happy New Year, Wild Souls!

Link below and on my website, lindsaymack. It is time to bring our full selves into our life and the world. How much energy do we leak or waste by trying to be different from who we are?

This month is all about releasing old, egoically driven patterns, all so we can be available to brand new ways of connecting with ourselves. The Two of Swords Holiday Minisode! Happy Holidays, sweet Wild Souls! This episode is a gentle love note to anyone who might need to hear kind words in their ear this week.

Just a reminder that you are allowed to honor your boundaries and self care without apology during this Xmas holiday. If you are having trouble, call upon these who archetypes to help you — and know I, and so many others, love you deeply. The Devil: Transformative Liberation. Today on the podcast, Lindsay dives deep into the profound medicine of The Devil card, exploring it through a soul centered lens. The Devil is a transformative liberation, a holy ladder, one that has the power and the potential to positively shift our relationship with ourselves, our desires and our brain chemistry forever, if we are available to the blessings that it brings.

On this episode, we explore an evolved way of viewing this card, and discuss ways in which to work with it if we are triggered, contracted, or confused. The Devil is truly one of the great keys of the Tarot — together, we will dispel any fear based myths around this beautiful card, opening listeners to the possibility of a fresh relationship with its medicine.

Embodying The Empress with Erica Livingston. In this episode, Erica embodies this receiving energy of The Empress by sharing how to dilate so we can become more comfortable with receiving from others as well as ourselves, and how we can begin to plug in our threshold journeys. This episode also touches on embodying Death. Embodiment of Death card energy is someone who is available to the cycles of change that come with deep release and transformational rebirth. It is truly about a turning over and a transition from one form to another. The episode where I answer your questions about magic, the Tarot, your practice and more.

Do you have to get a new deck? Welcome to a new month, Wild Souls! Good news: the podcast is back from fall break! We cleared so much in Scorpio season specifically, saying goodbye to everything that had to be released. It is a time where we cannot return to where we came from, but have little clarity on the next steps of our lives — or how they will present themselves to us. We may not have clarity on where we are going right now, or how we will transition from the space we are in to the one we long to take root in. But rather than strategize, manipulate, force, or burn ourselves out trying to manifest our next step, we are invited to come into The Cocoon, to take a sacred pause.

When anxiety about the future, or discomfort in this moment arises, we will be asked to return to our center through pausing. In doing this, we are available to presence, caretaking and nurturing whatever is coming up for us. Happy Samhain! Welcome to November, Wild Souls! A term coined by Dr. This is the energy and the invitation of the month ahead. The feel of November is very different from that of the past few months. We are being invited to connect with our inner Spark, the light within us that reflects the depth of our soul, what literally ignites us and gets us moving in the direction of our dreams.

We will travel through a full cycle of change this month, one that will ask us to gather our strength, courage, curiosity and depth. Welcome to October, Wild Souls! To honor the new cycle ahead of us, we have a brand new Monthly Medicine. We are being invited back into The Garden in October, the realm of the heart, to clarify for ourselves what is true and what is untrue, what shines and what casts shadow, what needs to be uprooted, and what wants to be planted.

We are in a rebalancing this month, a realigning, one that will unfold in a powerful and paced way. Hello, Wild Souls! TFTWS is going to be taking a little fall sabbatical while Lindsay teaches her course and preps for new projects! Listen to the episode for all the details! Welcome to another month!

Another month means another Monthly Medicine episode of Tarot for the Wild Soul, and this one is a download of epic proportions.


The season of Eclipses, Retrogrades, insanely intense Moons, and cosmic laboring has come to a close. Even though we will be in a few Retrogrades this month and next, we have made it through the birth canal of the Great Void, and are ready to transition into a new cycle, a new season, a new opportunity to utilize our energy. We are ready to put all of the wisdom we have gained in the last few months into actionable steps forward. What is working? What is not working? What is ready to transform? We are invited to willingly look, notice, understand and shift from a place of maturity, personal responsibility, and wisdom this month.

No story, no blame, no victimhood. To make lasting, impactful changes, we must be willing to be with what is here. We are truly in a position to make some epic changes in September. Marcella is an artist, tarot reader, metaphysical teacher, and the creator of the Sacred Symbols and Nature Nurture Oracle Decks.

This is a short ish statement, regarding my recent episode of the podcast with Alisha Cigalotti, specifically about our conversation around The Motherpeace Tarot. Surrendering to The Tower. Today I want to approach The Tower as a holy tree in the Tarot.

Today I am so honored to welcome Alisha Cigalotti, queer witch, intuitive, tarot reader, nurse practitioner, and creator of The Well Tarot on the podcast, but first, I have some words for how our bodies might be reacting in this deeply clearing eclipse and retrograde season. In my interview with Alisha, we discuss the deep lessons in the Motherpeace Tarot, how the tarot can be a profound tool for healing from trauma, the medicine of The Well, working with Dr.

Or maybe resuming an activity or state of being after pause or interruption. So this month as we enter we ask ourselves why we may have been interrupted or paused in the first place or what our relationship is with replacing something that is broken or threadbare. What are we being invited to upgrade and what reflection do we need to take as we step into renewal?

Jordan is a healer, medicine-maker, breathwork practitioner, and tarot reader in Brooklyn.

She draws on her Yaqui heritage to connect with the powerful medicine of flowers and incorporate them into every one of her sessions. I also offer some tarot medicine for the upcoming Mercury Retrograde and Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius for some deep personal and collective healing. If you are seeking out your beloved, your twin flame, or your soulmate, look no further than your own reflection.

We also explore the crucial point that we the proverbial soulmate is in the mirror, shifting the idea of relationships, love, and receiving to a deeply sovereign place, one that brings us back home to ourselves. For my own selfish, superstitious reasons, I've made an executive decision about his astrological identity: He is a Cancer, plain and simple. Nothing against Geminis — my mother and some of my best friends are Geminis. But, as a Capricorn, I just cannot believe that I'd ever date one, since Gems and Caps don't always make great couples.

Beyond that, Denis would make the least believable Gemini. All those nasty things you hear about Gems aren't true, but they do have a particular way of going through the world read: rapidly and loudly that just doesn't fit Denis' style. His patient temperament and love of staying in scream "Cancer" to me.

But, considering Denis couldn't care less about his sign even if he tried, this decision probably says more about me than my relationship. For the most part, I like to think that astrology can help me make sense of the world, providing I learn and follow its rules — like I said, I'm a Capricorn. I accept what the planets , elements , and houses rule.

I keep tabs on upcoming retrogrades, just in case I need to adjust my plans. But, the Gemini-Cancer cusp is where I choose to rebel. Gemini season ends on June 20 and Cancer commences on June Shockingly enough, ignoring this one rule has not affected how I write about or relate to astrology. As NASA will tell you , astrology is not an exact science, so it'd be silly to expect anyone to adhere to all of its teachings to the letter. Let this be a friendly reminder that, even if you take your horoscope very seriously and trust me, I do , there is always wiggle room if you want it.

Maybe you're oddly selective about which signs you date. Maybe you ignore warnings about outer planet retrogrades. Whichever rule you choose to break is up to you — and know that I'm right there with you. On October 8th, Venus will enter Scorpio. In astrology, the planet Venus rules love and prosperity, while the sign Scorpio is associated with passion, poss.

We all know about the havoc wreaked by Mercury retrograde, but what about Pluto? The dwarf planet has been retrograde since April And on October 2, it.

alexandra tarot libra january Alexandra tarot libra january
alexandra tarot libra january Alexandra tarot libra january
alexandra tarot libra january Alexandra tarot libra january
alexandra tarot libra january Alexandra tarot libra january
alexandra tarot libra january Alexandra tarot libra january
alexandra tarot libra january Alexandra tarot libra january

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