Alexandra tarot 2020 capricorn

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Pastorello 78 cards, 66x 78 cards, 66x mm. Dunne 78 cards, 66x mm. Massaglia, color by B. Nosenzo Emanuela Signorini, artwork by Giulia F. Massaglia 78 cards, 70x mm.

Today's New Moon Horoscopes For February 4, 12222 For Each Zodiac Sign

Dunne 78 cards, 70x mm. Massaglia Giuliano Costa 78 cards, 66x mm. Bach Artwork by Antonella Castelli 78 cards, 70x mm.

**CAPRICORN** 2020 Justice IS Yours! Transforming Your (Love) Life!!

Jodorowsky, Philippe Camoin 78 cards, 65x mm. Victoria Frances 78 cards, 60x mm. Anne Stokes 78 cards, 60x mm. Fournier 78 cards, 60x mm. Ricardo Cavolo 78 cards, 60x mm. Luis Royo and Romulo Royo 78 cards, 60x mm. Conway, S. Knight, Lisa Hunt 81 cards, 72x mm. Numbered edition, limited to copies.

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Numbered edition, Etteilla, Paris ca 78 cards, 65x mm. Artwork by Roberto De Angelis 22 cards, 80x mm. Artwork by Antonella Castelli 22 cards, 80x mm. Claude Burdel, 22 cards, 80x mm. Artwork by Davide Corsi 22 cards, 80x mm. Watch the familiar Arcana as they come alive, and give a whole new depth to your readings! Artwork by Roberto De Angelis 78 cards, x mm. Hardbox, 42 instructions. Dunne, Kim Huggens artwork by Silvana Alasia 78 cards 66x mm, color book. Magnetic hardbox xx50 mm. Moore, artwork by F. De Angelis 78 cards, Erik C.

Dunne and Kim Huggens, 66x mm. Dunne 78 cards, color pages book. Moore, artwork by G. Krysinski, artwork by Giulia F. Massaglia S. Gabrielli, S. Ariganello, A. Filadoro, L. Wheaterstone, artwork by A. Castelli N. Mesar, L. Wheaterstone, artwork by C. Hemharnvibul 22 card, 88x mm, hardbox, page book of instructions. Available in Uk and Pt OR Corsi M.